Title Loans in Laredo, Texas

Applying for Title Loans in Laredo, Texas

For many households, finances are one of, if not the biggest, sources of stress and frustration. This is especially true among families that live paycheck to paycheck, when one emergency expense can put you and your loved ones in a hole that’s difficult to climb out of. Fortunately, even when you don’t have the credit or savings to pay for an emergency or past-due bills, you can still get a financial boost with title loans Laredo. A title loan is a loan taken out against the value of your car, and you can get it the same day you apply without going through a credit check.

The title loan process may have been convenient already, but at Diversey Title Lenders, we made it our goal to streamline the process even more for our customers. To accomplish that, we created a simple online application for title loans Laredo, and you can find that right here on our site. The app shouldn’t take more than a minute of your time, and you only need to enter some basic info, including the following details about your car:

• Year / Make
• Model / Style
• Estimated Mileage

After that, the app will require the following contact info:

• Your full name
• Your cell phone number
• Your email address

There’s nothing else we need to preapprove your title loan application and calculate a free loan estimate, which is based on the current market value of your vehicle, assuming it’s still in good condition. We’ll also make sure that a Diversey Title Lenders representative follows up on your application by giving you a call and answering any of your questions. Wondering about what sort of items or documents you need to have with you to get a title loan? It’s not like a traditional loan where you’d need to round up those financial records, paystubs and tax returns. We just need to see a form of government-issued ID to verify your age, perform an inspection on your car and get your car title while you repay your loan.

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Diversey Title Lenders

Many borrowers are in need of fast cash, which is one reason it’s so frustrating to search for title loans Laredo and see listings from lenders that are far from the city. A title loan gets much less convenient if you need to drive an hour round-trip to pick it up. With Diversey Title Lenders, there’s nothing to worry about, because we’ve set up shop here in Laredo. It’s an easy drive whether you decide to cruise over on surface streets or take the highway, and there’s also quite a few parking options in the immediate area.

It’s a good idea to mention if you already applied online and got preapproved for a title loan when you get here. There will be a bit of paperwork to fill out and sign, and then we’ll figure out what your car is worth. We do that using a vehicle value guide and by performing a brief inspection. This helps us determine the exact amount we can lend you. All we need to do after that is get the title to the vehicle, which we’ll keep in a safe place over the loan term. The entire application process is typically done in under an hour,

and you get to leave with money in your pocket. Apply Today

How It Works

Title Loans in Laredo, Texas

Loans fall into two general categories, which are secured and unsecured. The secured loans require the borrower to put up a piece of property to serve as collateral, whereas the unsecured loans don’t. Title loans are obviously in the former category, because they’re secured by your car. While you pay back the loan, the lender only has your car title, not your car.

That can change if you fail to pay, which is a default on the loan. If that happens, the lender can send someone to repossess your car. Once the lender has your car, they can sell it to recover what you owed. Some states require lenders to wait a certain period of time prior to repossessing a car, but Texas allows lenders to do so right when the borrower defaults. The good news is that repossession is rare, and you can avoid it by extending your title loan.

When it comes to title loan laws in Texas, there is no cap on how much you can borrow from a title loan company. That amount will be determined entirely by the lender and the value of your car. The state has an interest rate limit of 10 percent for every title loan, although there can be extra monthly fees besides the interest.

As far as title loan terms go, Texas only has a limit of 180 days for title loan contracts. Since title loans are short-term loans, terms tend to be much shorter than that. In fact, in Texas and most other states, the typical term length of a title loan is 30 days.

Now, what about if you run into a situation where you don’t have the money to pay your title loan back when it’s due? This is when an extension will come into play.

To extend your title loan, you just pay any interest and fees it currently has. You don’t need to pay any of the loan principal, and any unpaid loan principal gets taken into a new term of the same length as the old one. This new term will result in more interest and fees. Even though you end up paying some more money to extend your title loan, it’s still a convenient option, and it certainly beats seeing your car repossessed.

Because of that 180-day title loan term limit in Texas, you can’t extend your loan past 180 days, which would be five extensions on a loan with a 30-day term. Once you hit the limit, you must pay the loan in full.